Defective product injuries
are not your fault.

The expectation when purchasing a new product is that it functions as described. If you purchased a defective product, not only can the product destroy itself, but it can also cause you physical damage as well as lasting mental and emotional trauma. When you trust a manufacturer to provide a functioning product, it is their responsibility to ensure your safety.

What is product liability?

Manufacturer’s in the state of Pennsylvania need to make sure that the products they are selling are safe and reliable to be produced and sold. If they are dangerous or faulty, they assume responsibility for the damages caused by their product.

Who is responsible?

If you are injured by a dangerous or faulty item, it’s not your fault. The following parties can be held liable :

The product manufacturer
Those who assembled or installed the product
The wholesaler or retailer


Defective design can lead to an unsafe products. Manufacturing defects can leave manufacturers unaware of flaws. They can also fail to give a warning about risks of their product. If these scenarios sound familiar, you may have a defective product lawsuit.

Holding defective products liable.

Injury related to defective products can lead to physical, emotional, mental and financial stress. While dealing with product liability cases, it is essential that you have an experienced team of lawyers to back you up in case the manufacturer pushes back. We will help pursue a claim so you can focus on healing.