Fighting for victims
of medical malpractice.

When you place your trust in a doctor or other health care provider and they violate that trust, you deserve answers. At the Scranton-area Piazza Law Group, our attorneys help victims and their families throughout Pennsylvania tell their stories, get answers and fight for justice.

Support For Families After Birth Injuries

While we help people from all walks of life who are suffering from medical malpractice, we place a special emphasis and have a long track record of supporting families who have a child with birth defects injuries caused by negligence.

Additionally, we stand up for mothers whose birthing experience went from celebration to suffering because of malpractice.



Our Medical Negligence Practice

Failure to diagnose a condition such as cancer, stroke or the need to perform a C-section

Misdiagnosis that causes excessive, unnecessary treatments for the wrong condition

Surgical errors such as improper surgical technique, failure to discover medical conditions that result in a bad outcome, operating on the wrong body part or leaving a surgical instrument inside the body cavity


Our Medical Negligence Practice

Medication errors, which may result in a bleed, overdose or a disabling condition, including death

Failure to communicate with other staff, which may result in death or injury, which may be permanent

Improper medical treatment, which may lead to unnecessary procedures and resulting pain and disability

Acquiring an infection in the hospital or doctor’s office because of unsanitary conditions

We are here for you.

Do not make these common mistakes after medical malpractice. Instead, reach out to us. We retain the best medical experts to assist in the pursuit of your claim. The Piazza Law Group prides itself on research both medically and legally in the pursuit of your claim and provides the voice for your story. Piazza Law Group has recovered millions of dollars for patients wrongfully injured due to a doctor, hospital or other healthcare provider's negligence.